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CHINA global Conference, Fudan University, Shanghai

Expanding Spheres of Exchange 

May 11-12, 2019, Saturday & Sunday 


The conference is meant to tackle phenomena of expanding global exchanges - not only in economic but also in legal, social, and cultural terms - with a focus that might reflect China's emergence as a new pivot of globalization. What do these exchanges, or processes, look like in various field? What are their manifest or tacit normative conditions and presumptions, as seen from the vantagepoint of the respective participants? And what are their effects in terms of normative convergence or divergence? It is questions like these what we hope to learn more about. 


I. Expanding Exchanges

Lectures with a historical perspective on various kinds of 'exchanges' (commdoties, services, people, ideas, externalities of all kinds) between China and the world. 

1. N.N.

2. R. Bin Wong, Asian History UCLA 

3. LIU Qi, Social Anthropology, East China Normal University Shanghai


II. Propriety and Fairness Contextualized

Lectures exploring different understandings and practices of propriety and fairness.

4. Stefan Gosepath, Philosophy, FU Berlin

5. Horacio Ortiz, Anthropology, East China Normal University Shanghai

6. LIU Xiaofei, Philosophy, Xiamen University


III. Moves Towards Common Ground

Lectures addressing the dynamics of agreement and disagreement on norms and values.

7. Melissa Williams, Political Science, Toronto

8 .CI Jiwei, Philosophy, Hongkong

9. Susanne Brandstädter & Wilfried Hinsch, Social Anthropology/Philosophy, Cologne 


IV. Constructing Legitimate Authority 

Lectures with a focus on global governance and emerging authorities. 

10. Michael Zürn, International Relations, WZB Berlin

11. CHEN Yifeng, International Law, Peking University

12. BAI Tongdong, Philosophy, Fudan University 



Susanne Brandtstädter (Social Anthropology, Cologne),  

Wilfried Hinsch (Philosophy, Cologne),

BAI Tongdong (Philosophy, Fudan/Shanghai ) 



Fudan/Shanghai :  PAN Sisi  (pansisi(at)

Cologne:  Amtul Shaheen  (ashahee1(at)