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Public Lecture

Chinese Transnational Grassroots Society: Fuzhou New Migrants and the Logic of a Small World Digesting the Big World

Prof. Dr. Song Ping (Xiamen University) 

This lecture will focus on three questions. Firstly, how rural migrants from the Fuzhou area on the southeast coast of China have built networks on migration, investment and business in New York City in today context? Secondly, how have these multiple networks based on recreated mechanisms of the home society been developing social and cultural strategies enabling them to cope with American metropolitan life?

A further question this lecture addresses is the relationship between cultural resistance and interactions of civilizations. On on hand, transnational immigrants attempt to 'organize the irresistible forces of the world-system according to their own system of the world' (MArshall Sahlins); on the other hand, the process of revealing their values, ideas and practices demonstrates some key cultural elements, for instance, the rationality of Confucianism, the spiritual culture of Daoism and Buddhism, or the rituals of folk society can be taken as links to modern civilization. 



27th of November 2018, 16:00-17:30h 



University and City Library of Cologne

3rd floor, Room BVI

Kerpener Str. 20 (Entrance)

50937 Cologne 



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